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Apraxia is a motor-speech planning disorder that occurs when the brain has difficulty creating the muscle movements necessary to move the body parts involved in speech (lips, tongue, jaw).


  • In a young child:

    • As an infant, the child did not babble or coo

    • A late appearance of first words, sometimes missing sounds

    • Trouble connecting sounds

    • Long pauses in between words

    • Frequently changes or omits difficult sounds to simpler sounds

    • Possibility of eating trouble


  • In an older child:

    • An ability to understand language much better than their ability to speak it

    • Speech is difficult to understand

    • A difficulty in imitating speech, but imitated speech is clearer than spontaneous speech

    • Groping of the lips, jaw, and tongue occur while attempting to produce a sound


  • Other problems include:

    • Fine motor movement difficulties

    • Over-sensitivity (hypersensitivity) or under-sensitivity (hyposensitivity) of the mouth, making some foods difficult to eat or a dislike of teeth brushing

    • Difficulty with word order or recalling words

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