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Mealtimes should be an enjoyable time to interact and create new experiences. You and your family should have an overall pleasant experience!

Some children display trouble during mealtime and it can be overwhelming for the child and their caregivers. If your child displays any of the following behaviors during mealtime, a feeding evaluation is recommended:

  • Gags on food

  • Spits out food

  • Picky eater (less than 30 accepted foods in their food inventory)   

              *must include at least 2 foods of each                   food group that they constantly eat

  • Difficulty swallowing foods

  • Prolonged mealtimes (longer than 30 minutes)

  • Rapid eating

  • Packing food (leaving food on side of cheeks

  • Difficulty chewing foods

  • Screaming/crying

  • Vomiting

  • Food refusal

  • PICA

  • Liquid avoidance

  • Coughs when eating

  • Pushes food away

  • Underweight

  • Lip/tongue tie

  • Infant has trouble latching


We offer individualized therapy and custom goals made appropriate to each child. Our therapists, will guide you and your family throughout this journey. Our treatment takes into consideration any medical conditions, further information will be asked during the evaluation.


An evaluation will be performed by one of our Speech-Language Pathologists. Our front office will contact you a day prior to the evaluation and ask you to bring in 2-3 preferred and non-preferred foods that your child eats, the day of your appointment.


Duration and frequency of treatment will be tailored to the patient’s needs. Our therapist use the Food-Chaining approach and strategies from the Eating Hierarchy play based approach.

For further information please contact us.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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