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We believe every individual has the potential to improve cognition, communication, and feeding abilities when provided with the optimal evidence-based approaches paired with the kindness, professionalism and care of our dedicated clinicians. 
We believe in treating the cognitive processes impacting the cornerstone of cognition, communication, and feeding skills. We work on establishing, developing, and affirming the foundational skills to support the knowledge, skills, and confidence every individual needs to obtain the highest functional level to succeed in life. 


The initial appointment(s) will consist of an evaluation to determine the patient's cognitive, communication, and feeding skills. Our speech-language pathologists will determine the strengths and weaknesses in each area. Working together as a team, patient, family, and clinician will develop the optimal plan of care to create desirable, realistic outcomes. Patient and family will receive individual and/or group intervention, education, and training on the approaches utilized during treatment. Clinicians assess or reevaluate patient progress for further treatment or discharge. 

Testimonials from Parents

Silva Clinic has changed our lives in wonderful ways. My son says Silva is his favorite place to be. He loves the social interactions, projects, atmosphere, and staff. I highly recommend trying it out. We are so thankful we did.

Silva Clinic has been a blessing in disguise. My son has been receiving treatment going on 2 years and has tremendously improved in and out of the classroom. The staff is very polite, Mrs. Betsy, my sons SLPA is amazing and knowledgeable. I can't explain how much I appreciate all that she has done. The program that Dr. Colvard created really shows in the work, highly would recommend Silva Clinic to anyone

I love this clinic! Both my children have been seen here. My daughter who has learned to read, speak, and write because of Ms. Haydee!!! My son has learned to talk because of Ms Andrea and Ms Monica. He has learned to try new foods other than pizza and nuggets!! He's tried peas and broccoli!! Not only have they gone above and beyond my expectations, but they do really care for each individual child and their different ways of learning!! The director is very transparent and they love their jobs!! Thank you for being great!!

Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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